15 February 2007

Wasted lives

Extract from The Star, Thursday 15 February 2007

Motorists ‘ignoring advice’

KUALA LUMPUR: The 55 deaths in three days was a great disappointment to the police in view of their appeals and advice to motorists.

The police said 15 deaths were reported on Tuesday, which is the third day of Ops Sikap XII.

Nine of the deaths involved either motorcyclists or their pillion riders while others comprised two pedestrians, a car driver, a van passenger, a lorry driver and a cyclist, the police said in a statement here yesterday.

Six fatalities occurred in accidents on state roads, four on federal roads, three on highways and one on a municipal road.

A total of 1,117 accidents were reported in the country on Tuesday, during which police also issued 13,964 summonses to traffic offenders. – Bernama

When will the motorist ever learn. Every time there is a festival, the police would launch their traffic safety campaign. The Government will send out messages to inform the motorist to be careful while driving back to their home town or any destinations during the festive season through various media like the television and radio. The Prime Minister even put up a full page message in the papers to request the public to care for themselves on the road.

With all these messages and campaigns, the number of road fatalities remain high. WHY??????
horses and all the king's men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again!!

So if the people especially the motorcyclist are not bother about their lives, I think the Goverment's and the police's effort in having the safety road campaign is a real waste.. a real waste of the tax payer's money, a waste of human resource in the enforcement of the law but most of all a waste of lives!!

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