08 April 2007

Boring Sunday

I was awaken by the sound of my door bell. I look at my watch and it was 8.30 a.m. Damm, who the hell was it? It turned out to be the chambermaid who asked me for permission to make up my room. I agreed since they normally would come to make up the room at about noon where I would want to be in my room.

Today is the Malaysian Grand Prix and I would want to watch the live telecast. But the race will start at 3.00 p.m. I decided not to go any where but to be in my room resting, waiting for the telecast and the same time be at online at my notebook.

The weather was not too kind to me. The temperature today is about 15 degree.. that's cold. I have to wear my sweater and at the same time wear my track pants. The room heater was not too much of help to keep the temperature in my room warmer.

So the Formula 1 race started. Felipe Massa had pole position and Kimi was on the 3rd grid position. But both the Ferrari drivers blew their chance to win the race away as both the McLaren driver went pass them at the first corner at the start of the race. I was not too pleased that at the end of the race, the Alonso lead home with a McLaren one-two.

In the evening, I decided to go out, the weather was still very cold and I was shivering and hungry. I decided to go to the Lujuiazui area where the Super Branch Mall and the Oriental Pearl Tower is located. I wanted to have a photo shoot of the place at night. After my meal at Burger King (yes, Burger King is here) which was a Whopper set which cost me RMBY23-00, I went for a photo shoot and here are the photos.

Do check out my Picasa Web album and turn on the slide show option where you can see an animation of the light show up close at the Aurora and Citibank towers.

I was sitting in front of a mirror when I was having my Whopper. Since I have never shot myself with a camera, I thought to myself what the heck, I need that type of photos too. So here it is.

Hooters have two outlets in China. This Hooter is located at Super Brand Mall. I did not go inside to shoot the waitresses there, I managed to shoot two of them from outside. Look at the orange hot pants!!
The Beijing Olympic Games logo displayed on the Citibank Tower

The rolls of red lanterns that are displayed at the entrance of the Oriental Pearl Tower

A view of Puxi from Pudong. Notice the spotlight shooting from the roof the building


Selba said...

Hahaha.... I believe the boring sunday actually became an interesting sunday, no?

Like the pose of you taking your own pic!!!

Chan Kok Kuen said...


Sorry for taking such a long time for me to add my comments. I have been "blocked" from my blog in the place where I am current is.

Yeah, it was a boring Sunday but was compensated with my night rounding. Been here for one month and I am am getting home sick. There's no place like being home with your love ones.