14 April 2007

People's Square

At the end of Nanjing Road, there's a place called People's Square. This is crowded with people. I found out why today when I made a trip there:

  1. It is the interchange for the busiest Metro Line 1 and Line 2.
  2. It is where the most of the shopping area are located apart from the other stores that are located at Nanjing Road.
  3. Located not far from People's Square are two big exhibition and cultural halls. There are events happening through out the year.
  4. The Shanghai Museum is located there.
  5. There is actually a park in People's Square.

What surprises me today is that not only that the crowd is located on the ground but there are alot more people located underground. There is big shopping mall underground. This the place where you can get all the latest fashions, ladies accessories, shoes and whatever you can wear outside and inside there.

At the park, I saw many elderly people crowding around. I went over there and I was caught by surprise by what was the event was about. It was a gathering of elderly people who were on the looking her their lost friends, relative or children. The people there will display who there are looking for by providing information such as date of birth, height, weight and a brief story of the person that they are looking for. Most of them will place the description of who they are looking for in front of them siting down and hoping that the person that they are looking for would also be walking around the park.

In search for lost love ones, these people will sit at the park's bench placing a notice of who they are looking for and hoping that the person would turn up.

Many more of the search notices that were placed on the grounds of the park

See how many people are there looking out for their lost relatives or love ones

At the park outside the Shanghai Museum, there were many people strolling around enjoying the weather with their children. There are many couples there too, some of them are very bold. These couples would hug each other passionately and at time you may catch them kissing too. Yeah right in front of everyone , broad daylight!!

Love birds at work in broad daylight

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Selba said...

WOW!!! This post is really interesting.. not just what's about but the pictures are really.... hmmm, can't find the right words for it.

I'm curious about ppl who are looking for their love ones or relatives... why in that park? Are there a lot ppl were being found there? why not police station?

Lye Hock said...

Great write-up about life in Shanghai. Maybe you can contribute to some travel magazine... :)

Chan Kok Kuen said...


Shanghai is such a big city with a population of 18 million, people bound to get "lost" or missing. I do not know much about the happenings in the park until I was there. But I think that once the word get out to the people who are looking for or searching for lost relatives, friends or love ones will go to the park just to try out their luck.

Lye Hock,

Me? Contributing to some travel magazine? A good suggestion, I will keep that in mind when I decide to retire!!