01 April 2007

Rainy day again

I was still in bed when I heard some noise at the windows. From the sound, I knew it was raining and if the rain can hit the windows with such a noise level, it should be a heavy rain. After a short while, I dragged myself out of bed and head to the windows. The road was wet and there were people walking in raincoats and umbrella.

I check out Goggle on places of interest in Shanghai where I can go easily in this wet weather. One of the place mentioned was Shanghai Cybermart. That's where all the electronic gadgets stores are located. OK, I will go there since, the place can be easily reached via the Metro.

The place is exactly like K's Low Yat Plaza where you can get all type of computer accessories, notebooks, digital cameras and all the stuff. As I walk around the lace, all the store keepers were asking me what I was looking for. I obliged by saying that I am just looking around. I had the impression that since most of the electronic gadgets that I can get in KL where there is a "Made In China" label would cost cheaper here. Well I was wrong. I asked for the price of a Logitech cordless mouse and was quoted a price of RMBY220.. well that's the same price that it is sold in KL. I did not ask for the pricing of other items since I did not have the intention to buy anything in particular. I just wanted to see how the place is.

In the end, I left empty handed with just the photos of the place to be posted here.

At the entrance of the Cybermall

Just like Low Yat Plaza, the Cybermall is also multi storey

Shoot while going up the escaltor

Before going to the CyberMall, I had a walk around Huaihai Zhong Lu. I managed to find another luxury car showroom there. This time its the Porsche Center, Shanghai. At the showroom there was a Cayman S and the newly launched Cheyenne. See, I told you, the people in Shanghai are rich!!

Another set of bronze sculpture seen here. There are few areas in Shanghai where these sculptures are placed.

The Caymen S displayed in the showroom


shrimp paste said...

Nice shots, KK. But the bronze sculpture looks kinda western by the attire. Probably the face may have the smaller eyes of asians.

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Yeah you are right KAI, the sculpture are not looking like a Chinese because the Chinese here are so rich that they can engage the service of the Mat Salleh to do the sculpture. As you know, the Mat Salleh only knows how to do one kind of sculpture.. their own look.

shrimp paste said...

why must it that we engage these mat salleh, huh? I believe the chinese and other asians themselves are capable of better sculptures. I do remember, our tugu negara, the complexion looked western pada asalnya and the govt engaged someone to change them to a much asian look. kita boleh. Our tugu negara is a diffrent story though.