02 April 2007

Divorce in the air after wife's April Fool 'hanging'

I found this news report in The Shanghai Daily amusing:

A HUSBAND has requested a divorce from his wife because he couldn't stand her "surprises" any longer -- especially after she tried to trick him with a fake suicide on April 1.

"I was back from a tiring business trip last night," the husband, surnamed Lin, told the Shanghai Evening Post today. "Instead of a sweet hug, I saw my wife 'suicide.'"

Lin's wife, surnamed Han, had "hanged" herself in the living-room. She had made the hanging look as real as possible, the newspaper said.

Lin called police and the property management office immediately. With the help of a management office staff member, Han's "body" was pulled down and laid on a sofa.

When everybody was at loss at what to do before the police arrived at the scene, Han's "body" suddenly jumped up and burst out laughing.

"Happy April Fool's Day," Han said still laughing.

Han, 26, used to boast that her marriage was close, sweet and fresh, thanks to her little jokes every day.

However, the husband found the jokes a pain.

"She likes to play hide-and-seek by putting the dinner dishes in the washing machine," Lin said. "She once changed the lock on the front door and refused to let me in unless I answered her quiz questions.

"This was not the first time and it won't be the last," Lin complained referring to the "hanging."

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