28 April 2007

Happenings for the week

Well it has been a week since my last posting. I could see that there are many regular visitors to my blog, maybe they would have been disappointed since I have done any new posting for the past week. When I was in Shanghai, I have been regularly posting photos and my encounters there.

The week surely past by very fast. When I came back home there were many chores that required my attention. Being absence from home for a month, there bound to be some loose end that a man need to do at home. Overall, it was very "re-freshing" after being couped up in a hotel room in Shanghai for the past one month.

My son is the happiest to see that I am back home. Since he was born, I was always with him and have been away from him for a long duration of time (the previous longest duration was when I was in Chennai for 1 week). He told me he missed me alot and the same goes for me. Being the only guy in the house when I am away in Shanghai, he could find company to take him out for food or shopping. When I was with him he also mentioned that he has not been doing this or that for the past one month and he was happy to do it with me. However, when I told him that I will be going back to Shanghai soon, he was not too pleased about it. I have to coax him to say that I will be back really soon.

At the same time, back in office, I am kept busy supporting my staff who are on assignment in Chennai. I was also busy making arrangements for my return trip back to Shanghai.. yeah I am going back there since my assignment is still in progress and would probably end by July.

This week and the coming week will be very short since there were a total of 3 public holidays. By the next following week I would be back in Shanghai to continue on my assignment and will not be back home for the next 3 weeks. Let's hope that I can come back home soon. Being away from home overseas working is totally different from when you are on holidays or on tour.

OK, that for now.

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