02 May 2007

Spiderman 3

The long awaited Spiderman 3 premiered in Malaysia on 1 May 2007 just in time for the long holidays. Since I came back from Shanghai, my son has been requesting me to bring him to watch the movie. There have been much publicity over the television on this movie and he could not wait to watch it at the movie theater. To avoid the crowd in getting the tickets, I went to the theater to buy the tickets in advance last Thursday to watch the movie today (2 May).

Off we go to the theater, everyone of the family (including my mother-in-law) to catch the 2.00 p.m. show. Luckily we bought our tickets much earlier because we saw the sign informing that all tickets for the day have been sold out.

The show started on time and this Spiderman trilogy is by far the best as compared to the previous two Spiderman movie series. In the movie, Spiderman not only have to battle against one villain but three different villains Green Goblin, Sandman and Venom. The battle with all the three different villains were physical. This time around Peter Parker have to fight a battle to keep Mary Jane Watson as his girlfriend. There is also a battle within Spiderman himself as he was possessed by a strange substance that came from meteorite.

The movie lasted two and a half hours covering all the fight and battle scenes and also the ups and downs of the love life of Peter Parker.

My verdit... don't miss out this show. The story line and action will keep you awake.

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