05 May 2007


Well I am on way to Shanghai to continue my assignment there. I have arrived at the airport and flying to Shanghai in Business Class gives me the privilege to get access to the MAS Golden Lounge while waiting for my flight. In view of the long Golden Week holiday in China, flights to Shanghai (including Business Class) are all booked up. So, I opt to take the early flight from KL (1.40 a.m.) arriving in Shanghai at 7.00 a.m..

This the first time I have been into the MAS Golden Lounge and I was amazed by the number of people that are sitting and waiting in the lounge. On the airport monitor, I managed to see that there are many flights that leaves KLIA early in the morning which would reach the destination early. Many of these flights are heading to Europe. I can see plane going to Zurich, Rome, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Some flight were to Kansai which is the same direction I am heading too.

Luckily for me, I will arrive in Shanghai on Sunday and it is still a holiday in China on Monday (7 May). So I will have 2 free days in Shanghai before I start work on Tuesday. I have yet to plan what I will do for the 2 days. This time around I did not bring along my DSLR (Nikon D70s). OI brought along by compact Nikon digital camera which is easier to carry around. I think I have done enough photo shoot at Shanghai and the compact camera was brought along just in case there are some exciting scene that I want to capture.

Photo of the lounge after most of the passenger have left to board their planes

OK that's for now, writing this post just to kill time while waiting for my flight.

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