20 May 2007

Funny news around China

While browsing through the newspaper, I could not help to notice some of these interesting news:

Son advise parents to get a divorce

A husband and wife from Dalian, Liaoning, got something of a shock when their son, a high school student, on Monday persuaded them to get divorced for the sake of their individual happiness.

Although the pair had feigned being happy for the sake of their son and his studies, their regular quarrels and dad's extramarital activities were just too much for the youngster who told them he would rather they parted than live such unhappy lives.

Police officer woos crooks online

A policeman from Shenyang, Liaoning, was praised on Tuesday, for his skill at catching criminals online.

In the past year, Han Shenwen has caught six escaped suspects by pretending to be a woman and luring them into an online chat and then arranging to meet them later.

Sometimes, he got his wife to show her face on his Webcam to convince suspicious suspects who asked to see him.

Fujian woman steals a robber's heart

A thief's ardor led to his capture in Quanzhou, Fujian, after he asked one of his victim for a date.

On Monday, the robber, a man surnamed Chen, stole a woman's mobile phone at knifepoint. Enchanted by the beautiful photo of the victim saved in the phone, Chen decided to ask her for out on a date when she called asking her phone to e returned. The woman agreed to meet him the following day, as did police officer who arrested Chen on the spot.

Man arrested after stolen TV hits cop on head

A thief in Fujian Province was arrested on Monday after he accidentally hit a patrolling policemen on the head with a color television set he had just stolen.

The man surnamed Zhang decided to steal a new color TV from a restaurant on the upper floor of a building. He tied it to a rope and lowered it to the pavement. However, while in the process, the TV hit a police man patrolling below on the head. The policeman waited to see who would pick up the TV, unfortunately it was Zhang, who was arrested on the spot.

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