07 April 2007

A day at the Century Park

The front page of today's new paper mentioned about the lovely flowers that were blooming at the Shanghai Botanical Garden. The photo in The Shanghai Daily that featured the story of the flower exhibition at the Shanghai Botanical Garden

I was looking at the map of the location of the botanical gardens, hoping to go there for a photo shoot. I found out that it is located quite far away from my hotel where the place does not have the Metro service.

So, I decided to take a trip to Century Park which is easily reached the Metro. There are so many people at the park since today's weather was cooling and sunny. I have to buy a RMB10 ticket to get into the park.

There were many families having fun at the park. The main activities are cycling, boating and kite flying. There are many families who had picnics there too. Need not to say, there are many couples there holding hands and strolling along the paths of the park.

I managed to take some photos during my short stay at the park. I have to rush back to the hotel to catch the live telecast of the Formula One qualification session of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Here are some shoots I have taken. More photos at my Picasa Web Album.

Spring is coming

A loving old couple at the park

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