31 March 2007

Nanjing Road West

I took a walk up from Nanjing Road East to Nanjing Road West. The two roads are rather different. There is a big pedestrian mall in the East where people can walk around easily. The West does not have a pedestrian mall and the road are much narrower.

However, what I discovered today about Nanjing Road West is that there are many cheap and fake thing selling there. There are more hawkers selling foods there. There were stalls selling barbequed octopus and chicken wings. The aroma coming out from these stalls really make the people hungry. There was a stall selling some fried items which I am not sure what it is but the people lining up to buy it was very long.

There were also stalls selling pirated DVDs and imitation goods like handbags and watches. Here are some photos that I shot during my stroll through Nanjing Road West.

The entrance of the aromatic paradise at Nanjing Road West

Barbequed chicken wings

Barbequed octopus

Imitation handbags, want to buy a Prada or LV bag for only RMY100?

Items made from buffalo horns - combs

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