24 March 2007

Staturday in Shanghai

For the past few days the weather in Shanghai has improved. The weather has become warmer and most of all it did not rain. I was all geared up for a photo shoot of the Pudong area. When I woke up and look out of the windows, I can see that the road was wet and the people were in their raincoats and umbrella.

The weather was cold and wet but the rain had stopped. I decided to take a walk for some photo shoot. The picture did not turn out good because of the foggy skies. Here are some of the photos. You can also access to my album of more photos my clicking on this link.

Mother and child sculpture near the Pearl Tower

A candid shot of a leng lui at the Pearl Tower

Flowers blooming on branches in the park. A sign that spring of coming

Many tress are still without their leaves

The Oriental Pearl Tower

The foggy view of the Bund from Pudong

The dragon locks at the old building in the middle of the financial district

The old building in the middle of the financial district of Pudong

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