06 March 2007

Photos from the Annual Dinner

As promised, here are some of the photos taken during the Annual Dinner which has the theme "Oscar Night". Photos were taken using a FinePix F450 compact camera. I did not bring along my "big cannon" for the occasion.(Now I regretted it);

At the dining table with (from left) I-Ching, my wife and Doreen

A rare photo of me in my tuxedo with my wife

Pretty maids all in a row!! (from left) My Wife, Lena, Suzanne, Doreen, Marie, I-Ching, Michelle and Shuh Min

Another group of press lasses (from left) Sally, Rika and Lena

Another photo of the girls and guys


Selba said...

What a beautiful couple pic!!!

It reminds me to Prom's picture :)

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Yeah, it really looks like a prom night. A prom night of old students!! He.He..