21 March 2007

On assignment in Shanghai

I have not been posting for sometime. I am now in Shanghai on a job assignment. I am in Shanghai since 19 March and will be here for the next three weeks. I not able to post to my blog because my access to Blogger has been blocked. I managed to "steal" a free wi-fi service rather than using the hotel internet service. Till today, I have yet to fine a cyber cafe where I can do somethings over the internet.

This posting is upload via e-mail to my blogger e-mail address.

I hope the blocking thing will be resolved soon because I intend to post some photos during my stay here.

I have yet to venture around this city of 13 million. I hope to walk around the city this weekend. Let's just cross our fingers and hope that that I can get access to my blog with my photos and posting.

Till then... bye!!!

Here are some photos taken from my hotel room:

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SooHK said...

shot through window lor? a bit hazy...