11 March 2007

Visit to Royal Selangor Pewter

My son overheard that his grandmother has visited the Royal Selangor Pewter factory during her tour with our Thailand relatives recently. He was asking me all he stuff about pewter and I decided to bring him to the pewter factory in Setapak. The visit was on 22 Febraury but I have forgotten to post the photos of our visit. You can get more information about the visitor centre via the hyperlink. Here are the photos taken during our visit there.

A replica of the KLCC which was manufactured using 7,062 pewter tankards. The replica started from the ground floor and almost touching the ceiling of the visitor centre.

Both is posed with the world largest tankard which was place outside the visitor centre. The tankard weigh a heft 1,557 kgs and is 1.987 meters tall and has a girth of 1.693 meters. Just imagine if the whole tankard is filled with beer, I wonder how drunkards the tankards will produce!!


Selba said...

Wow... an interesting place to visit.

Royal Selangor is very expensive.

Chan Kok Kuen said...


Yeah, the things are expensive there. At the end of the factory tour they have a store which sells all the pewter ware but most of the tourist would walk off empty handed. Most of them are turned off by the prize of the items there, just like me. They are also selling diamonds and silver wares.