31 March 2007

Getting around Shanghai

Getting around Shanghai is quite easy. There are three common modes of transport (if you do not have a car) which are by taxi, bus or the Metro.

There are so many taxis in Shanghai. However. its very hard to get on one during the peak hours. Once you get on the taxi, the minimum fare is RMBY11.00 (RM5.00) for a distant of about 2 kilometers. Getting on a taxi during peak hours also is another lesson to learn. There is no queue to get on a taxi, who ever get on first will take the taxi. So when a taxi is slo
wing downing dropping down the passenger, you better get near it during peak hours.

Buses are many plying along the busy streets of Pudong and Puxi. In Puxi, there are buses that runs on electricity just live a tram. Minimum fare for a bus is RMBY2.00 (RM1.00). The only
difficulty that I have getting on a bus is whether I got on the corrent bus. Some of the bus does not display the route number but it displayed the name of the place they plying in Mandarin. I do not read Mandarin!!!

The Metro
I enjoyed the Metro. There are four (4) lines of Metro (subway train) running around Shanghai. Minimum fare is RMBY3.00 (RM1.50) which is cheap. From my hotel, the nearest station is the Pudong Avenue station running on line number 4. If I need to go to Nanjing Road, I would need to switch from Line 4 to Line 2, the cost of the journey is only RMBY to Nanjing Street East.

The stations are clean and well kept. There is also a "station master" who would blow his whistle just like when he is in a train station. The train is very long and most of the time is packed. The would not be strange because there are 13 million people living in Shanghai, that is ten times
more than the population of Kuala Lumpur. The ride was comfortable and fast.

Here are some pictures I took at the Metro Station.

The Pudong Avenue Station. Very clean and brightly lilted.

Shiji Avenue tation, the exchange station for Line 4 to Line 2
The Metro Map of Shanghai

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