02 November 2005

Burnout Revenge

One of my favorite game currently in the PS2 is Burnout Revenge which is the latest version of the Burnout series.

It a game where you need to drive and crash into traffic from the back and earn money and medals from it. It also provide you to challenge other cars in a "Takedown" mode to win a race. In previous car racing games that I have played, those games only offered you to challenge other cars to win a race. With Burnout, you get to crash into them and the crashing part is very dramatic:

1. You can see other cars flipping in front of you when you get a "Takedown".
2. When you crash again on going traffic or against a wall, you car get busted into bits.
3. Better still is when you get to fly off a bridge.. wow the scene is spectacular.

My son and me enjoy to challenge each other in the game where there were times where we took each other out instead of taking out the opponent cars. We had such a good time playing with it where our screams and moaning were even heard by our neighbors and to mention those in my family.

That's why I recommended to stay at home and enjoy the PS2 instead of risking our lives on the road during the festive season. At least, no matter how I crash my car in the game, I am still in one piece (I only pity the PS2 joystick which I am using),

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Pauline Goh said...

I played that game before in my friend's house.. seems that I was unable to beat him in the racing game. until he told me about the takedown feature.I never lost then.. HAHAHAHHA....