19 November 2005

Harry Porter and the Goblet of Fire

Like the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Porter "trilogy" is another must watch movie in my books. Not to watch it from the DVD but to enjoy such movies on the big screen with full DTS effect. Well, the whole family managed to watch Harry Porter and the Goblet of Fire on the second day of its premiere. Actually, we were suppose to watch it on 17 November, but seats to the 9.00 p.m. show were only available from the second row from the screen onwards. The next show was at 11.55 p.m. but that's way past our bed time, so we have to settle for 18 November 9.00 p.m. show.

I have watched all the three previous Harry Porter trilogy, would not miss this one. My opinion, this is by far the best one. The effects were great plus a good story line. But still Lord Voldemart remained alive... but if he's dead the trilogy would not continued unless there is a new villain.

My advise.. go and see this movie it's worth your money. No regrets.

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