01 November 2005

Wasted lives

Every year when the festive season begins, be it the Chinese New Year or Hari Raya Adilfitri every one's rushing back to their kampong or for those who are not celebrating the festival, they will rush off for their vacations in some places that the like.

Every year the same old story, people dying on the roads when they are traveling. Not surprisingly for this year Deeparaya, forty people (40) people died on the road on Sunday and Monday (30 and 31 October 2005). The police reported that there were 1,892 road accidents in the two days.

Despite the Government effort and campaigns, still it is very sad to receive such news. What if the news received involved the people that we know or even worse, the people that we loved.

So my advice..... stay at home, watch TV, play with your PS2 (buy one if you don't have it) and keep yourselves off the road.

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