16 November 2005

Easy blogging

Seeing that the prices of Dell notebooks are going down I decided to get one myself. The Dell Inspiron 6000 with 15.4" screen was going for RM3,099. I ordered a unit before Hari Raya (i.e. end of October). Due to the long Deeparaya holidays, the notebook was safely delivered to me on 8 November.

Why did I choose to get a notebook? Well I bought a Compaq notebook in three years ago which cost RM3,499 with AMD processor. Three years after that, the price of notebooks did not change much but the processor, hard disk space and RAM have improved by leaps and bounce. I needed another notebook because the Compaq is placed in my daughter's room where they have easy access to the net from the room (my whole house is wi-fied). I also require the notebook for some work and presentation when the need arise. The biggest reason for getting the notebook was that the deal was so good. It came with following specs and offers:
  • Intel Pentium (M) Processor 1.60 GHz, 2MB Cache 400 MHz FSB (whatever that FSB is)
  • 15.4" XGA TFT Display with resolution 1280 X 800
  • Upgraded to 512MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • 60GB Ultra ATA Hard drive
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • 1 SD card slot
  • Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Combo Drive (yeah baby I can now burn DVDs)
  • Dell Large Backpack (to put the notebook)
Total price RM3,104-00 plus delivery payable by 12 months interest free instalments (that's RM259 a month)

Damien bought the same model with lower spec about 6 months ago at RM3,900, Monica bought the same model 3 months ago where the price is about RM200 more. Today, Damien showed me the Dell catalogue where the price of the same notebook is now RM2,099-00. Price tumbling down again.

Guess what? I am writing this posting with the notebook on my lap and on my bed ready to go to sleep when I finish this posting.

What a wonderful world... oh yeahhhhhhhh


Lye Hock said...
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Lye Hock said...

Quite a good deal you got there! Now you can blog anywhere in the house...:)