01 November 2005

Day trip to Genting Highlands

Today, I took my family up to Genting Highlands, why? Ahhh. just to let the kids see the changes there since we went there about a year ago. Furthermore, my daughter, Carrie, is organizing a trip there with her friends after completion of her SPM. The place as usual was packed with people but what was worse was the favorite ride were decommission for maintenance. I think they purposely did that so as not to stress the ride too much with unstoppable queue of people waiting for their turn for the rides.

The eateries were packed with people. From the hotel restaurants to the fast food outlets... packed with people. So we decided to go to Gotong Jaya to have lunch. Less crowd and more reasonably priced food.

Spend about five hours for the whole day trip. That's only for today, there is still a strech of holidays to go through... have to think of ways to keep my children sane!!!

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