24 November 2005

Close down my photo blog?

I am considering to close down my photo blog. Any comments from any one?

Why I choose to close..
  1. No photos to post (I don't shoot the food that I eat cos I have home cooked meal where I am too shy to disclose what I have)
  2. Very low number of visitors (maybe nothing much to see and no new photos)


CaRRie ChAn~* said...

I not try 2 hint you lah, just doing my personal review, tat's all. Besides, I already content with my T360, so dun worry, haha. And dun close your blog!!! Eventhought u think there's nothing 2 post, just leave it lah. Maybe today or maybe tomorrow or someday u will hav something 2 post one. If not, try 2 be like me, reviewing some personal reviews loh. So keep it, dun close it. k?

Lye Hock said...

Get a Nikon D50/D70s and you'll hv plenty of photos to share !!

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Thanks for your comments... would consider that next year.. this eyar's budget went haywire already!