18 July 2006

Bras on display!!

I was at my local Giant superstore today and I could not help but to take this funny picture on how the store is selling bras.

All the bras on sale were carefully placed on a tall rack with layers of bras of different colour. I wonder what the ladies would do if they go near the display rack... from where will they take the bras.. from the tall display rack or those which were place on the rack below!! You would notice that there is a missiing pink bra located on the middle portion of the rack... I woder!!!
Guess the price??? RM9.90 each.

Have apologise on the poor quality of the photos which were taken with my phone.


Pretty Petals said...

Oh man...bras bras.....how about some underwear? LOL. Kidding. Cool picture and you should submit to either The Star caption for handphone snapshots. You might win a prize. :D

Chan Kok Kuen said...

You wish will be grabted. I will on a look out for underwears and panties especially those kinky one!!! G-string, Open middle, what else huh???