15 July 2006

Problems with my new blog template

You would noticed that I have changed the blog template which looks super. However, I recently encounter some problems with it.

  • The template title banner came with a graphic picture.
  • On the top side bar also have a picture of a bookmark.
  • Graphics appeared on the posting title
  • Another graphic also appeared before the comment line
  • The background of the postings is of a beige colour

Since yesterday, all the lovely graphics disappeared when I use Firefox to view it. The whole blog looks plain without the lovely graphics. Not satisfy with the result, I boot up Internet Explorer and the blog template looks fine!!

So I would advise my readers to user an IE browser to view my blog where the most benefit will derived.

By the way, this will me the 200th posting in my blog.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!


The new blog temple works well with IE, Mozilla and Opera.. why cannot work Firefox.. beat the hell out of me!!

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