24 July 2006

Learning Photoshop CS

Many "good" digital photos have one through some touching up before they are posted. The most commonly used software would be the Adobe suite of software namely Photoshop and Photo Element .

As I need to further improve myself on my digital photography and at the same time make it more presentable to be posted in my blog, I started to learn Photoshop CS.

I started with buying some books hoping that I can read the techniques and practice the steps written in the book. Sad to say, I am not much of a book worm.

I managed to find a DVD which offered steps by steps lesson on the use of Photoshop. I find that learning from movies on lessons more effective because the instructor offers good example on how to use the many features and functions of Photoshop.

I have gone through a few lessons and masking and selection. I managed to come out with some creative presentation of some of my photos.

Here is a sample of what I have learned so far:

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Anonymous said...


Your pics in your photoblog is nice. Good that you are more adventerous ~wink. It's addictive. TT