18 July 2006

Keep it UP TT!!

A friend of mine, TT who is a regular blogger has been feeling very down of late. She has been "bugged" by her son, WH, who is very active in nature. WH is suffering from autism and TT is finding very to cope with him with his behaviour.

I want to tell you about my brother and niece, Crystal.

My brother and sister-in-law too has a problem, child. My niece, Crystal is partially blind. Crystal was born as a premature twin. Unfortunately, her twin sister did not make it and Crystal weighed below a kilogram when she was born. She was placed in an incubateur to make sure she have a fighting chance. However, too much oxygen made her partially blind. Both my brother and sister-in-law have to bring her up with the help of my brother's mother-in-law. They had they ups and down with her having to take care of her. Due to her poor health problem when she was young, Crystal have to taken to the hospital for her regular check up.

My brother did not give up hope to find a way to restore Crystal's sight. Like TT, he scouted the web looking for a "miracle".

Today, Crystal is 9 years old and is attending to a special school for the blind. She is healthy and very smart too. She rely on her other senses to get her around. She is fluent in Mandarin, English and Malay and is a joy to all of us. My brother and sister-in-law can now be more relax after having to cope with Crystal's ups and down when she was younger. But both of them will still have to look after her for her whole life. I can sense that Crystal realised what her parents are gong through and tried very hard to be independent and to make her parents happy.

I hope I understand what TT has been going through and have offered my advise. That's the best I can do.



Anonymous said...

Oh man KK, what can I say? I am totally speechless..:O overwhelmed with your kind thoughts and gesture what more to even write a `post' about me and your niece. Thanks a lot for the boost of encouragement and I hope by reading my walk with WH, you are able to understand people like him better. Yes, some readers may wonder who is TT or even WH??? and where these two living souls derived from. To cut the long story short and a true revelation of the two beings, you can take a walk down the recaption of our `interesting' life in www.flowsnow.blogspot.com. TT

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Actually, I have place a link to your blog should there be anyone who wants to visit your blog and see and feel how you are getting along with your life.

I am glad that you are happy on what I have written because I was heart felt reading the "challenges" that you are going through.