22 July 2006

WPF 8496

I could not post this posting earlier because of the TOP SECRET work that I have been doing. Yes, you will know from the title of the posting is the registration number of a vehicle. Well, what kind of vehicle am I talking about...it's a new Perodua Kenari Aero Sport - red colour which we took delivery of it today.

The story started about three weeks ago when my daughter want me to get her a car after she got her license. She has been driving proudly in my car which I think is took luxurious and powerful for her. I have taken her around to some used car dealers and she wanted a Perodua Kenari. Her expectations and requirement was high, she wanted a Perodua Kenari not any ordinary Kenari but an Aero. So our trip to the second hand car dealers were just a "trip".

I start scouting around in the classified advertisement for a second hand car. I managed to see a few units up for sale but it cost RM30,000 for a three year old car compared to a new car which cost only RM41,000 on the road. That's only a mere RM11,00 difference where I can get to smell a new car, get a new car registration number, full history of maintenance and most of all it's NEW!!!

I decided to get a new Kenari but I wanted it to remain a secret from my family and to make it as a surprise for my daughter. I called up my previous sales girls who sold me the Accord to get me a unit. Last Tuesday (12 July) I met up with a young Perodua sale representative, George Wong and sign up for the purchase of the new Kenari. I told him that I wanted a loan of RM20,000 and he said that is the minimum amount that I can borrow.... what minimum?? He mentioned that since the price of the Perodua cars were low, RM20,000 is the minimum amount of loan that the purchaser can get, special approval is required if I want to get a loan for less than that amount. Then he asked me what the period of repayment, I said I wanted to settle off the loan within 2 years. Guess what? He said that the minimum repayment period is 4 years. So I said that's find with me. I decided to take a loan from Ambank since their office is just next to mine and it make repayment of the loan easier.

On Monday (17 July) evening, an officer from Ambank called me and asked a few question about my loan application. The next day George called me and said that the loan was approved and requested me to meet up with him to sign some documents and get the motor insurance ready.

On Friday (21 July) he called me to inform me that the car has been registered with JPJ with registration number WPF 8496. Not a bad number considering that the registration number is taken from the running sequence. Translated to Cantonese, the number roughly meant "Prosperous Forever". I request that the car be tinted since the car has many large panels of windscreen and from my experience with my own car, a good tinting really helps a lot. The cost of tinting the new car cost me RM1,000-00. George mentioned that I can taken delivery of the car on Saturday afternoon after the tint job is finished. On Friday night, I decided to tell the family except my daughter of the delivery of the new car and I would like to surprise my daughter, Carrie.

View of the car during pre-delivery inspection

Every one's happy over the new car

Today, in order not to arouse and suspicion, I asked Carrie out with me to visit car dealers. The whole family tagged along on a pretext that we are going out for lunch. When we reached the Perodua office, Esther and Darren saw the new red colour Kenari Aero Sport parked outside the office and shouted out to say that the car looks nice. Carrie was not aware of the reason why her sister and brother mentioned that. When I parked my car, I told her that the car parked outside office was our car.. she was stunted!!

Carrie was happy, surprise and could not believe that she can drive now with a new car. However, the best was yet to come. The car is a manual transmission car and she has not been driving a manual transmission car since she got her license. Her first assignment was to drive her mother, sister and brother to Leisure Mall for lunch. It was a horrifying experience for Carrie and all in the car. That's natural since she was new to the car but I guess she will get use to the car in a very short time.

Safely and carefully driving away the car


SooHK said...

good daddy leh...

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Have to give them the best that I can afford. Hope that they will appreciate it and I hope that they will remember it some day and write it in their blogs too!!

Pauline Goh said...

so jealous ler...
great car ya!!