23 October 2005

Another new toy - Playstation 2

With the school holiday coming, there would be a need to keep my children not to be bored for the 2 months holidays before they restart their schooling in 2006.

They already are accessing the net but the most interesting thing to keep them at home is a Playstation 2. It has been a long desire of my son Darren to have a Playstation 2. Actually I have bought the Playstation 1 about three years ago when my children was hooked to the game Tekken which was played with my brother's PS One.

They soon got bored with the PS One because they only know how and like to play only one game... Tekken. In the end the PS One was chucked one side with no one playing it with. I passed the whole set of PS One to by brother whose PS One was quite old (his older PS One was passed to his brother-in-law, who treated it like gold).

Yesterday, when Darren and me were at Cheras Leisure Mall, we stopped at the video game stall. A lady was getting her son a PS 2. We were just watching the lady getting the set and when they have completed the transaction, I approached the stall lady boss to asked the price of the PS 2. The price was reasonable considering that when the PS 2 was first launched it cost RM1,200. Now it cost RM760 which comes with 12 free games.

What the heck? Got to get the PS 2 and cannot wait for the PS 3 to come next middle of the year which would cost more than RM1K.

Twelve games free..which inlcude Tekken 5 and Tekken 4 which were the two of the games that were selected. Also was Burnout Revenge, which is an exciting game where you need to crash your car to get money and to win your position.

Today, Sunday (23 October), the PS 2 dominated the TV in my living room with no opportunity for the rest to watch Astro programs. The favourite game played was still Tekken 5 where my children battled it out against each other on the console. While I am writing this posting, Carrie is still playing Tekken 5, it her favorite game.

Let's just see how long will the PS 2 last with my children before it will chuck one side with no one playing with it. Maybe I will try the same trick and offer the machine to my brother again!!!

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