03 October 2005

Lunch at SOULed Out- Desa Sri Hartamas

Within a week's time I went to SOULed Out twice. The first time was last Tuesday when I have to pass an air ticket to Heng Theng. I called Mazhar along for company. I went there today with Anuar, Shariman and Shaiful because of two reasons. Number one, Shaiful and Shariman wanted to have a feel of how the ride in the Accord was (Never mind Anuar, he has been in the Accord a few time already) Number two, Ramadan is coming and this might the last chance I could have lunch with these guys before they fast.
Well I choose SOULed Out because it's a nice place to have lunch. The people there are friendly, the food is good, the environment there is comfortable but most of all I enjoyed the free car jockey service. Where else can you get a person to park your car when you just have to walk out of your car, past the key to the jockey and walk directly into the restaurant for a meal and the service is FREE!!

Actually, I have been to the place previous and have enjoyed the place. It became a mid-point meeting place between me and the vendors who came from Petaling Jaya. Most of the time, when the vendors called for a lunch, I would usually meet up with them there. It was a compromise of traveling mid-point and enjoy the food at the same time.

Another reason why I choose the place for the pass two trips was that I could demonstrate the power of the Accord when it was going from Jalan Kuching to the Penchala highway before going into Desa Sri Hartamas.

BTW Tricia, if you are reading this please, provide another other bristro or restaurants in the Desa Sri Hartamas area that offer good lunch. For other people, don't ask me who is Tricia, she wants to remain anonymous.


Lye Hock said...

Used to go there for beers. The mutton kebabs are great...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! There is a nice restaurant (with lots of fountains) right behind souled out. The signage is green in colour. They server delicious food there and it's cheap. I can't remember the name of the restaurant but u sure can't miss it with the number of small fountains in the restaurant. The other pick are restaurants like Km Gary at Hartamas Shopping Centre. There is another nice mamak stall called Ali at Plaza Damansara who serves nice kambing briani. So when is my next lunch affair? I am kind of hungry you know...mm...never ask me out also...hahaha! Cheers. Guess as much now you know who I am. Cheeky! Annonymous my foot! Btw, fantastic template. I see you have been meddling around the html too.Regards, You Know Who