10 October 2005

Seditious Messages and Comments

I am sure that you read about the two young Singapore bloggers who were jailed and fined for posting racist remarks online.

28-year-old Benjamin Koh Seng Huat, 28,a kennel keeper at an animal shelter, has been sentenced to one month's jail. He pleaded guilty to making racist remarks on his web blog which sparked off more than 200 comments.

His former assistant marketing manager, Nicholas Lim Yew , 25, was sentenced to serve one day in jail and a maximum fine of $5,000.

Lim, whose postings were regarded less serious than Koh's by the court, was also charged under the Singapore's Sedition Act.

On 16 September 2005, The Malay Mail also reported that "Blogger Ammer Zulkifli, or Mack Zulkifli in the virtual world, received a seditious message in his blog, brandmalaysia.com from good man in a commentary..." However, this report was not of a posting of a seditious blog but a seditious comment was made at the blog.

I was wondering why on earth did these two Singapore bloggers post racist remarks and the Malaysian wrote seditious comments at other's blog.

Even though the blog is mean to enable oneself to voice their opinion and comments, but I feel that there should be a limit to what is posted or comment. We should respect each other.

Let us all blog harmoniously and never let our "dark side" overcome us.

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