01 October 2005

Persatuan Penduduk Damai Rasa

Well by October 4th this year, we have moved into this new house for exactly 1 year.
Thanks to some effort by some residents, a small committee was formed to look in ensuring the security of the neighbourhood hood and at the same time to foster good relationship among the residents of Dama Rasa.

On Tuesday, a pink circular was place in the letter box. In the circular, it was an invitation for a gathering on 30 September for all the residents of Damai Rasa organised by Persatuan Penduduk Damai Rasa. The itinerary include a barbecue and lucky draw. The objectives of the gathering was to get to know the neighbours who are mostly new residents (the oldest resident of Damai Rasa is slightly over 1 year old). A dialogue session with the Police on the issues of crime prevention. A discussion with Dewan Bandaraya to raise the amenities standards and cleaniness of the neighbourhood.

At the same time, a gotong-royong is also scheduled on 1 October.

Tonight was the night of the gathering. The response was overwhelming and many residents turned up. The first thing to do was to register ourselves where the details of each resident including telephone contact numbers and e-mail were collected. Then there everyone started to introduce themselves with many handshakes being seen here and there.

The police inspector came but it was no show for the representative from Dewan Bandaraya.

It was a good effort by the Persatuan to hold such a gathering. I will write on the details of the gathering later on.

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