30 September 2005

Do you know who is your neighbour???

Ask yourselves, do you what's the name of your neighbour?
Well to be honest, when I was living in my previous resident at Dama Indah, we came to know a very nice neighbour, his name is Dr. Bahanordin Jaafar and his wife Rosana. They were renting the house on my left side. They were a lovely couple and would chat with us and they converse English very well. They were with us for almost 4 years when the landlord wanted the house back after his tour of duties at Bosnia. Yes, he was in the Army. It was a sad departure for Dr Bahanordin and Rosana but they do come back from time to time to chat with us and both of them would contact my wife should they require any air tickets when they travel overseas to attend any course of conferences.

When the landlord shifted in, it was a totally difference story. I know his name was Yusof, I don't know his wife's name but they have a son. He does not converse in English which make conversation harder. His wife has a weird character and does not talk to us, maybe it's because she's a Muslim and his husband forbid her to speak to other man, but she does not even speak to my wife. So, I do not know them well at all.

The neighbour on my right side was a bachelor who comes back home drunk almost every night and would sleep in his car while the engine was still running. Luckily, nothing happened to him. His name is Tan and has his own business. After sometimes, he managed to meet up with a widow who has a son and own her own company selling computer peripherals . After some time, Tan went to stay with his new girlfriend and the house was left vacant and was used as a store for goods of the girlfriend's company.

Honestly having stayed at Damai Indah for fourteen (14) years I admit that I do not know my neighbour well and did not take any action to go about knowing them other than some feedback from gossips gathered from my wife from other friendlier neighbours.

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