11 September 2005

Day trip to Bidor

Took a drive today to send mother-in-law back to her Kampong house in Bidor. At the same time I would like to experience how the Accord would fair when driving outstation.

The trip to Bidor took me 1 hours and 40 minutes...why? After passing Tanjong Malim, cars over the side of the road was flashing their headlights, so I have to adhere to the speed limit. This time around I cannot escape a ticket like I did when I am in the city (see my previous posting). The first part of the journey from KL, I was hitting at about 140 to 150 km/hr. What surprises me is the tachnometer showed that the engine is revving only at 3,000 rpm with lots more to offer. There were times where was hitting at 80 km/hrs and the engine was revving under 2,000 rpm.

I was heading back to KL at 2.00 p.m., the weather was hot (thanks to V-Kool tinting, the sun ray that come through the wind screen did not cause any burning feeling) and there was nothing much to do there. My son was bored since his cousin was not around to play with him. Coming out of the Bidor toll station, I clicked my stopwatch on and with my right leg hard on the accelerator, I floored (well almost, there is still ample space to go before I hit the floor) the pedal. All along the way I was hitting 140 to 160 km/hrs. What a feeling!!

Cars that were on the right side of the road have to keep to their left when they saw my "Bat Mobile" (that's what my son calls the Accord) coming on to their back... FAST!!! I told my wife that now I know how a driver feels like when their car is tearing down the right side of the road and chasing off all the slower cars to the left side of the road.

I reached Rawang in a record time which I have not experience before.... 1 hour which normally I would need 1 1/2 hours. That's 1/2 an hour faster!!

Man I am enjoying he drive home... but now I have to check the Rilek internet site to see whether I have any speeding ticket(s)!!!


Lye Hock said...

Well, with a car like that, you tend to go with the flow! In the 1st 6 mths of my 406, I got 3 speeding summnons. You just don't feel the speed sometimes...

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Yah, 110 km/hr feels like the car is not moving at all. The adrenalin starts to pump only when I hit 150 km/hr... wow what a good feeling!!!

Pauline Goh said...

Sounds fun.. My Wira only hit 150km/h once when going back to Kampar.Already whole car shaking!!!