22 September 2005

Malaysian Idol

Tomorrow will be the final of the search for the 2nd Malaysian Idol. The final will be the between Daniel Lee and Nita. My vote... well both contenders have their strong and weak points.

Daniel sings well but as the judges commented, he could not sing the lyrics properly. The lyrics in English seemed to be lumped up all together. Maybe it's his style of singing which he thinks that the lyrics should be sang that way. Overall, he is cute (that should come from a girl's comment actually) and have the style.

Nita sings well too since she is a professional singer at the clubs. I wondered how she entered this career as a club singer, maybe it has something to do with her family. In the dairy shows, there was no mention on his father, just her mother and grandfather. As the judges commented, she has the package.

In my opinion, Daniel will be receiving more votes for the finals. I believe there are many girls out there just waiting to send in their votes via their handphones to give him the votes.

Just wait for the result show, I think my prediction should be correct.

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