08 September 2005

Disasters here and there

It seems that just before the year ends, there are many disaster that strike the world here and there. Who can forget September 11 when the Twin Towers collapsed. August 31, Princess Diana died in an accident in Paris. December 26, the big tsunami that struck so many countries in our region.

Now Katrina struck the New Orleans area. Many lives and properties were loss. Then hurricane Nadi in Japan. The haze that recently struck the West Coast of Malaysia is not as serious as compared with the other two disasters.

The oil price has risen. The Government lowered the road tax for passenger vehicles up to 1,500c.c., hey what about my 1,998 c.c.? I found out today that the road tax for school bus is just RM2-00 while a school van with friendly diesel engine, the road tax is 50% discount that is RM1. The RM1 can't even pay for the cost of the road tax sticker!!.

Ferrari has lost the constructor championship. Michael Schumacher will not be Formula 1 world champion this year. Sorry I got carried away... don't blame me I am a Ferrari fan.

I don't want to guess what disaster will come next.

Have we even ponder how lucky we are to live in Malaysia? No four seasons were you would need a big wardrobe just to house all the different cloths for differ season. No earthquake, even though minor tremors have been felt (I have not experience it before). No hurricane, typhoon or tornado, just lovely breeze through out the year.

Aren't you happy that you are living in Malaysia? Well I can say I am proud to be a Malaysian.

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TT said...

KK, you ever install the word verification in your blog? You seem to be getting a few spam mails or at least if I read it right. I had a few of those and when I install the word verification, the spams disappeared. Thank God. keep up the good work.