06 September 2005

Mercedes Benz CLS Class

One of the nice car that was newly launched in the city is the Mercedes Benz CLS Class. Looks very futuristic. Too bad I have got my new Accord or else this one car I can consider!!! FAT HOPES!!! Day Dreaming!!!
For your information this car comes from Germany, not Korea!!
Here are some photos I have stolen from Motor Trader site.

If you are interested, can can follow the following link to read more:


Lye Hock said...

I think Mercedes has got reliability issues. See how often Kimi Raikkonen's car breaks down? A Peugeot will be a better choice...:)

Chan Kok Kuen said...

I then to diagree. Peugeot only compete in rallies.. but has failed very badly in Formula 1.

At least the other car manuafacturers like Mercedes and particular HONDA are in Formula 1 and also the America IRL racing series.