26 September 2005

What's all fuss about Daniel Lee???

Driving to work this morning, there was this issue on Daniel being the Malaysian Idol. Some callers said that Nita is the better singer. Daniel was voted by the younger generation (hey, am I the younger generation, I think I am). Girls like Daniel more than Nita.

Don't these people understand, this is Malaysian Idol not a singing contest. The power is in the PEOPLE who vote and in the end it's the Telco that wins. The COO of 8TV mentioned that the number of votes (SMS and fixed lines) received has increased by 20% to 6.5 million. On the final alone, Daniel got 1.2 million votes. Takes 1.2 million times 0.50 sen per SMS, the telco is getting a whopping RM600,000-00. Not to mention the American Idol, the number of votes outnumbered that of Malaysia by more than 3 times, look how much AT&T earns!!!

I wonder whether the IDOL get a cut from the amount.

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