23 September 2005

A Great Motor Racing Weekend

This weekend will see three big motor sports events:
* MotoGP at Sepang
* Formula 1 at Interlagos Brazil, and
* the inaugural A1 Grand Prix at Brand Hatch

The MotoGP at Sepang may see Valentino Rossi clinching his 5 successsive MotoGp title which he nearly got it at the reent Japanese MotoGP at Motegi. Bad luck hit him and the deciding motoment will come to Sepang this weekend. Next we may see Fernando Alonso is staged to become the youngest Formula One World Champion in the history of the sport and could well wrap up the title from rival Kimi Raikkonen this Sunday in Brazil. Here is how Alonso can ensure he is Champion in Brazil:

Alonso finishes on the podium, whatever the result of Raikkonen
Alonso 4th or 5th and Raikkonen does not win
Alonso 6th or 7th and Raikkonen does not finish better than 3rd
Alonso 8th and Raikkonen does not finish better than 4th
Alonso out of the points and Raikkonen does not finish better than 5th.

In all other cases, the title would not be decided in Brazil, but would be taken on to the Japanese Grand Prix on October 9th.

The A1 Grand Prix is a new series where the race cars are like Formula 1 but all drivers are racing for the glory of their own country. There are 25 countries taking part this weekend at the innaugral race at Brands Hatch. As for Malaysia, the A1 car will be driven by our only Alex Yoong.

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