13 September 2005

A Day At The Races

Released 1976, the title of the album was a reference to the band's immediately preceding album, A Night at the Opera. was "A Day At The Races". The album cover has the same Queen emblem but the background is black in colour. The song that I like in this albums are:

Tie Your Mother Down

A rather unusual title for a song. It was written by Brian May, which features one of rock music's most recognizable guitar riffs. May started writing the song in Tenerife, while he was working for his PhD as an astronomer. He composed the riff on a Spanish guitar, and woke up early one morning and played it while singing "tie your mother down," a line he considered a joke.

Somebody to Love

This song was written by Freedie. Like its predecessor album's major hit, "Bohemian Rhapsody", this song has a complex layering of vocal tracks, this time based on a gospel choir arrangement. It was first single off of the album A Day at the Races. It is a rock ballad, on which band members Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor mulitracked their voices to create the impression of a 100-voice gospel choir. The lyrics, especially combined with the gospel influence, create a song about faith, desperation and soul-searching; the singer questions both the lack of love experienced in their life and the role and existence of God. Staying true to their guitar-driven style, it was also filled with intricate harmony parts and a solo by group guitarist Brian May, and it went to number 11 on the U.S. singles chart and number 2 on the U.K. charts.

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

A bouncy song to keep your happy.

Teo Torriatte (Let us Cling Together)

Written by Brian May, the song lyrics is in English and has Japanese translated verses so that you can sing along with it. This song is dedicated to Queen's fan in Japan. They were mopped when they arrived in all Japanese cities when they were performing their concerts (gigs) there.

There are 10 songs in this album but my favorite songs are above.

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