12 September 2005

My favourite and greatest rock group - QUEEN

I first came to listen and know about this rock group known as Queen when I was fourteen.. way back in 1975. The first album that I listened to was "A Night At The Opera" with the famous hit song "Bohemien Rhapsody". I was impressed by the album cover when the title was "A Night.." and the album was white in colour (Their next album "A Day At The Races" was black in colour). From then on, it was "love at first heard" for me for this rock band. The unique vocal and piano playing of Freddie Mercury. The great lead guitar played by Brian May. The pumping sound of bass guitar by John Deacon and the strong drum sound by Roger Taylor has me following all their albums which are released annually before the death of Freddie Mercury on 23 November 1991.

I will be posting my view of each of the albums released by Queen and the songs that I enjoyed from each album. Today with start out with the album that started it all...
A Night The Opera (1975)

Bohemian Rhapsody

The title's "Bohemian" refers to the "easy come, easy go" "poor boy" character singing the song (a follower of bohemianism - "living a wandering or vagabond life"). A musical rhapsody is a "composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation", which applies to the song itself and not something in the song, so a literal interpretation is that the song title means "A rhapsody about a bohemian".

The lyrics set the stage with the theme "No escape from reality", then tell the story of "a poor boy" who is "easy come, easy go" and shoots a man dead. He tells his mama "I don't want to die. I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all." The court responds to his pleas with "We will not let you go". The killer's reply, "Any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me," is a refrain from start to end. Believing that things don't matter do not prevent them from mattering. There is indeed, "No escape from reality".
Source: Wikipedia.org

Love of My Life

It was originally written on the piano by Freddie Mercury, and guitarist Brian May plays the harp on this track.

The previous track on the album, "The Prophet's Song", flows seamlessly into this track, although the two were never played together in concert.

When played live, the track was played by May on the acoustic guitar and Mercury would encourage the audience to sing along. This song was such a concert favorite that often times Mercury would stop singing and let the audience take over completely, something which encouraged the band to write future songs such as "We Will Rock You" and "Radio Ga-Ga" specifically with audience participation in mind.
Source: Wikipedia.org

Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...)

This song was written by Brian May. His guitar playing was very obviously loud.

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

This song make you feel bouncy like walking through a park.

You're my best friend

The second single that came out of this album. A great song to sing to your best friend.


It is a skiffle (folk) song written and sung by guitarist Brian May.

It is a science-fiction song about one of a score of (that is a group of 20) volunteers who leave a dying Earth in search of new world to settle, and who then return to report success 100 years later, with only a year passing for the volunteers thanks to time dilation.

Brian May described the song as follows: It’s a science fiction story. It’s the story about someone who goes away and leaves his family and because of the time dilation effect, when you go away, the people on earth have aged a lot more than he has when he comes home. He’s aged a year and they’ve aged 100 years so, instead of coming back to his wife, he comes back to his daughter and he can see his wife in his daughter, a strange story. I think, also, I had in mind a story of Herman Hesse which I think is called ‘The River’. A man leaves his hometown and has lots of travels and then comes back and observes his hometown from the other side of the river. He sees it in a different light having been away and experienced all those different things. He sees it in a very illuminating way, cause I felt a little bit like that about my home at the time as well having been away and seen this vastly different world of rock music. Totally different from the way I was brought up and I had those feelings about home.
Source: Wikipedia.org

To me this sounds like song which was sang by a soldier going to World War Two.

I'm In Love With My Car

It was written by drummer Roger Taylor, who was fond of fast automobiles and wrote the song for their roadie John Harris who had a TR4.

Although Roger recorded the rhythm guitar in the demo, Brian May replaced it in the definitive version, joined by John Deacon on bass, Roger Taylor on drums and Freddie Mercury on piano. All the vocals were by Roger Taylor, who demonstrated he was brilliant singing high or low parts. At the ending he actually taped the exhaust of his Alpha Romeo.
Source: Wikipedia.org

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