09 September 2005

First 1,000 Kilometers

Managed to hit the first 1,000 km on the Accord. Sent it in to Wegro service centre. Just a quick inspection by the centre. Next service will be at 5,000 km which is expected to hit in November.


SooHK said...

So how is it? As I am looking for a new car, my choice now strongly at Toyota Camry. I have thought of Accord but I heard a friend of mine that have it complains of sound at dashboard. I am also looking at a second hand volvo....S60 or S80. What is your recommendation?

Chan Kok Kuen said...

I cold be bias if I answer to your question. But there is no sound coming from the dash board at all. I drove to and fro to Bidor today a otal over over 370 km, coming back I was averaging 140 to 150 km/hr.. wowo what a feeling.
Volvo cars are reputable, but with the price of petrol going up I better re-consider!