15 October 2005

Xiaxue.blogspot.com - refurbished

This girl's blog (her name is Wendy Cheng from Singapore) under www.xiaxue.blogspot.com has done it again. After winning the 2005 Best Asian Blog, she's getting ready to win the award again in 2006 with her new and revamped blog design.

Make a visit to her blog, it's very good looking. Makes my blog looks ready like an amateur. By the way she's only 21 and she's got a long way to go. On the average she gets 10,000 readers from all over the world as compared to mine which I think the best readership only reached 14 a day.

But she's a full time blogger as mentioned in her faq while I only writes as and when I has something in my mind. From her blog's posting, she's enjoying her life very well and shares her daily experiences very well without any "dull" day in her life.


SooHK said...

It does not matter lah as long as you blog frequently its ok....

Lye Hock said...

btw, yr posting of her blog is captured in her "BLOGS THAT LINK HERE"....sexy huh?