01 October 2005

Persatuan Penduduk Damai Rasa - Part 2

Continuing on the posting on the gathering of Persatuan Penduduk Damai Rasa.

Most of the items raised was on the security of the residential areas. However, the chief inspector came to invite us to join in as Rakan COP. Rakan COP has proven to be very effective in combating crime and lowering the crime rate. Overall, the Chief Inspector's advise was to contact the Pondok Polis which is located in Alam Damai.

Even though the representative from Dewan Bandaraya did not arrive, they have contributed a lamb or a goat for the gathering. The lamb has used as barbecue for the gathering.

Overall, the gathering has served its purpose of getting all the residents in Damai Rasa together. All residents were required to registered themselves where the details such as phone numbers, vehicle number and e-mails were gathered. The information will be disseminated to all those who have e-mail address and at the same time a Yahoo Group has been set up to enable all residents to post their views, information and also be used as a calendar to schedule meetings and gathering in the future.

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