10 October 2005

News from Siva who is in Aberdeen

In August (refer to my posting dated 12 August 2005), we bid farewell to our Siva who went off to Scotland to further his studies. On 6 October, to my surprise, I got a call from Siva all the way from Scotland. He was asking whether I receive his e-mail which he sent to my office e-mail. I told him no because the e-mail in my office is so smart that any mails that are coming from Yahoo (and even Hotmail) will be rejected.

Well it was nice to heard from him. I told him to corresponds with me via my other e-mails (plenty of e-mail addresses). I reproduce below the e-mail that he had sent:

From: Siva Parasuraman
Date: 10/07/05 19:23:35
Subject: Greetings fr Scotland

MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!! Quite settled down. I doing jz fine here. I went down to London the other day (12 hours per journey by express coach) Met few frens of mine n rounding a bit at some "happenning" places. It's wonderful.

Hmmm...things are slowly settling down here but only thing the chill n gloomy weather makes me sleepyyyyyyyy...ha...ha...ha... Other then....EVERYTHING jz fine. It's chillier the Cameron & Genting Highlands...imagine Aberdeen is by the seaside..North Sea.

Classes have started n it's very much mixed crowd. Wow!!! many from China n India..i would say 50% of students in my class (even in campus) are from this two countries...Awakenning GIANTS..."Chindian"...ha...ha...ha...

I m started to do some cooking...Yeah!!!! Y'day i cooked fried potatos...not gentang goreng..yah.It's indian menu...my flat-mates like it. As everyone said, home cooking is very cheap. U know... the veges, fruits etc are VERY CHEAP....i mean without conversion to RM ok.

Well, my room is jz nice. Including bed, study table, dressing table, a cupboard n a door..hiiii...hiii..hiiii. It's quite comfortable..yah.

One interesting thing here i hv noticed so far....is many elderly couples (i mean very old..ok) are still active doing their daily activities. U will see them doing shopping in hypermarkets..pushing trollys, gardening, walking on the happenning street called Union Street. U must see them walking slowly holding hands crossing the road...so cute...hi!! hi!! hi!!!

How's back in M'sia? BPP?

My add is as follows:

96 Craigievar Place
AB10 7BP

My cell no is: ++0044-079314 37607

Hmmmm...i will sign-off now. Have Fun & take care. Do send my regards to Mr Louis n rest of the gang in BPP.


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