12 October 2005

It's the annual appraisal time again

It is the time again in October every year that we have to perform the annual appraise of the performance of our staff. The dateline for submission will be the end of the month of October. However, I have not heard of any time that the whole bank managed to submit all the staff's appraise on time.

Coming to this time, I would always wish that I could look at a monitor which was able to show me all the high and low of the job activity of my staff to enable me to access their overall performance for the year.

Using the scoring method, I am able to "moderate" the appraisal score of a staff but when it come down to the remarks of the appraise form is where I am always caught. I usually ran out of work to describe the achievements and ways for improvement of the staff. That's why I wish of the monitor showing all the ups and downs of the staff performance to guide me to write the remarks and at the same time used to replay the scenes of the ups and downs of the staff to enable them to improve and not repeat the mistakes that they have made through out the period of appraisal. Of course, the scenes in my imaginary monitor would be as though I am the one who was holding the camera.

Personally, I am not bothered about the scores of my appraisal. The comments and appraisal are in the view of the appraiser. I am only bothered whether I am happy working in the same environment or performing what my duties required.

Utimately, I would say that there is no appraisal system that would satisfy anyone. In my view, no one would like their weakness to be highlighted and mentioned. It's easy to say to take all criticism positively, but deep inside all of us the feeling is very much different.

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jaga, jaga, dear.....someone could be reading your blog and that someone could be from the bank! Rgds You know who