24 December 2005

Christmas gathering at USJ

Christmas around the corner, I got a call from my friend Mr Dewitt Chai. Well, Dewitt is my senior, a senior and successfully man. He has his own insurance agency for Great Eastern Life and at the same time he is also an agent for Lonpac Insurance. It has been a long time since we have met and the call from him was a real surprise. He invited my family over to his office for a Christmas gathering and at the same time he had invited the carol group from his church to add to the Christmas joy.

We reached his office in USJ and was greeted my his family. Food was served which was mainly steamboat but the usual Christmas turkey was also available. An other of my colleague from IT, Jonathan Tan and his family was there too. Another surprise, he introduced me to his son-in-law, Liew , who is also a staff of the Bank. Liew is from Finance Division and working in the same building but I have not have the chance to meet up with him since our scope of work does not involved each other.

The carol group arrived. It was a Chinese carol group consisting mainly of girls and 3 guys. They sang a few Christian and Christmas songs in Mandarin. The group really made the feeling of Christmas felt.

The family was restless after that and wanted to go home.

Thanks Dewitt for inviting us to your Christmas gathering. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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