16 December 2005

KL Bird Park

After the brief stop over at the Royal Palace, we reached the Bird Park. This is our first time there (same of us being KLites and not going to such a good place). Stop by the booth to buy the entrance ticket. Adults ticket cost RM12-00 while the child ticket was RM6-00. So RM30-00 gone (2 adults, myself and my daughter and 1 child, my son's).

Lots of birds to see and the brochure provided stated that the Bird Park is the "World's Largest Walk-in Free-Flight Aviary". I was at Jurong bird park way back in the seventies and that place was hugh, so now I got to see whether what they claimed is true.

An illustrated guide of the KL Bird Park

The park is divided into 4 zones and really, it's big and I was impressed by the layout of the park. Navigation around the park was easily and you would ot get lost at all. The plants and landscaping is matured and very well kept. Most of all the range of species of birds to see at the park is worth the RM12-00 ticket. The park has a special aviary where they featured a few different species of Hornbills. We managed to see a Hornbill flying freely around blowing off his(or her) trumpet loudly. We even saw one where the beak was placed through the fencing of the aviary where it was caged. At first we wondered why did the Hornbill placed it large beak at the fencing. We figured out later that since the Hornbill has a large beak, it might have been too heavy for its head to carry and resting it on the fencing would ease it burden and stress on its neck.

A pair of Mandarin and Wooden duck. They are always seen together in a pair
The loud Hornbill that I mentioned above
The proud but lovely peacock

We spent about 2 hours there walking and snapping photos. Some samples of the photos are here while there are more at my photoblog.


Lye Hock said...

Your peacock shot is nice! When I was there, none of them open up for me to see....

Chan Kok Kuen said...

We were lucky, the peacock on that day was very proud and his feathers were opened foralmost half an hour. That gave us ample time to take the photos. Too bad there was a Malay boy and girl who kept distrubing the peacock and scared it away.