19 December 2005

You would know that Christmas is around the corner!!

I have been on annual leave (to clear the year's entitlement) since last Wednesday. For yesterday and today, well I got the feel that Christmas is just around the corner. Why?

Yesterday (Sunday 18 December 2005), I got to send my daughter to Mid Valley Megamall to attend a luncheon at Cititel. Well driving down the highway from Taman Connaught just before reaching the turn off to Old Klang Road, the long queue of cars occurred. I though it was the routine queue just before 12.00 p.m. where the crowd will start flogging to the Mall. I joined the queue but the annoying thing is that people cut me from my right side. Feeling frustrated, I decided to make a U turn at Old Klang Road to go to the Mall. To my surprise, the queue was much longer. The queue started at the U turn right up to the mall. I then thought that there might have been an accident. Well, no... the jam was caused by the many many cars that were going into the Mall. Pulling my car my the inches, I was still caught in the in famous "vicious" roundabout jam of the Midway Megamall. My daughter was late for the lunch date so I asked her to left the car and walk to the meeting (read about how she felt when I asked her to take the walk) place just to be there in time. I told here I will meet up with her in the Mall after getting a parking place inside the Mall. Fat hopes, the long queue did not budged at all. So much so I told my son who was in the car with me that we should go to 1 Utama instead.

Another surprise was installed for me at 1 Utama. I spent 45 minutes rounding here and there in the car park (it was raining) and could not find a place to park. I was really fed up of these, first it was Megamall now 1 Utama. Got out of car and paid the parking fee and left the parking lot. In the end, I parked my car by the road side at Bandar Utama and walked all the way to 1 Utama.

People and people walking everywhere. Everyone was shopping and shopping. That's the feeling I sense... Christmas is just around the corner and everyone was rushing off to get their stuff before the eve of Christmas arrive this Saturday.

Today, my wife suggested to go somewhere to get cloths for the kids for the Chinese New Year. It's only the priority that the children gets new cloths for CNY. I suggested Sunway Pyramid since there are ample clothing stalls there and to get there and back home would be much easier.

Reached there at about 3.45 p.m., same old story, tons and tons of people walking around (mind you it's a Monday, many people are already on leave) with shopping bags. Many of them were youngster (compared to me lah!).

The whole shopping spree ripped me off almost RM500-00 plus the "dinner" at Genki Sushi.

Well tomorrow, it;s back to office and no more annual leave till next year. Heh.. next year is just around the corner too.

Well Merry Christmas to all who are reading this posting.


CaRRie ChAn~* said...

Haha, thanks for the clothes you had bought for us, Merry Xmas...>.<

shrimp paste said...

Bro, it's just not for Christmas alone, maybe during this merry day, there's more people than usual, but as for me, if it's a Sunday, the rule is, make sure that I'll go to any mall as an early bird. After 11 am, kiss leisure and the convenience away. The mad rush BEGINS!

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Incidentally, when I told Monica where I have been for the weekend, she told me she was also shopping at 1 Utama. She also met Chuld Lye Hock there too.
Just to prove how big 1 Utama is, where people you know are there but you don;t that they are there!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear KK
Hmmm...it's sounds really hectic holiday for u..yah. U shld hv parked by the roadside of Midvalley (i dono people still do during festive season) n gone for a coffee at Starbucks. Oppss....sorry...new car, right, then yr decision to go 1Utama wld be wise.

Wow...yr side really posted me with the latest updates n "happennings" of KL. Not required to visit 'thestar.com'. Great!!!
Merry Xmas n Happy New Year to u n yr Fly!!! Not forgetting BPP fly.


SooHK said...

Mid valley and 1 Utama, during weekend you must be there before 11 am...

Pauline Goh said...

Wah.. Really jam bad.. I remembered I drove to Midvalley and waited
for 45 mins(and I was the next car to take the parking ticket. In the
end, reverse out, go back to PJ, park in Menara Axis and hitch a ride
on the KTM to get back into Midvalley!!