16 December 2005

KL Birk Park - Stopover at the Royal Palace

As the school holidays "progresses" on, my son was growing very restless by the day. To kill him time, he has indulged himself on the PS2 and already reached the second last stage of the Burnout Revenge. But still he said that he is getting bored at home.

I managed to show him some photos that Uncle Chuah has taken of the KL Bird Park. He was impressed by the birds that were shot by him and mentioned to me to bring him there. Since I am on my annual leave (have to exhaust my leave before the year ends). I agreed to bring him there.

So we started out journey there. Before I start on my story of our trip to the Bird Park, we would pass by the Royal Palace before reaching the park. Everytime, we pass by there we will be able to see the tourist coached parked and the tourist would take their photos with the palace guards and also the horses there. Since, we have not tried stopping there before its worthwhile to have a feel how a tourist feels like when they are there.

luckily for us, there were not many tourist around. The group that have arrived earlier were getting on to the coach and ready to set off to their destination.My son and I in front of the palace guard and horse
The palace guard without a horse

There majestically positioned at the front gate of the palace were a pair of guards on horses and at the same time there were also a pair of standing guards. We took some photos there and while that was happening, fours horses with riders came, well we we lucky to witness the change of horses and guards.

Changing of guards and horses
No fight when you compare with the change of guards at Buckingham Palace

Well the whole thing was nice but not as elaborate as what the Buckingham has to offer when there's a change of guards. I still remembered it from my trip to London. My wife and I waited for an hour standing to wait for the change of guards. The most memorable thing that happened was upon completion of the change of guards, there were four sweeper vehicle which came out to sweep off the horses shit. Well you won't find this happening at the KL Royal palace.

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