31 December 2005

December 31 2005

Today marks the end of 2005. What a year, filled with events and the biggest one would be that I started this blog. Started this blog in July this year and I have clocked in over 117 postings (inlcuding this one) and also a photo blog. No a bad achievement.

2005 also saw my two daughters taking their big examinations PMR and SPM. The result for PMR was out but the results for her isn't too satisfactory but that's the best she can do (that's what she claimed). Let's just see how it goes for the next two years before she encounter her next big examination the SPM.

For me, the normal challenges of work prevails, when I mentioned "challenges" it meant obstacles that I faced from people "poking" my back and "playing" with me. I don't give a damm what other people said or what ever their intentions are. What I care is that I have done my best and for the benefit for my organisation (the one who pays my salary).

Looking forward to 2006... well... to me another year is just another continuance of days from the previous year. The only resolution I make year after year is to stay healthy and to see the days (and years) as it goes by.

Getting emotional already... but what the heck I only do this once a year... oops .

Happy New Year 2006 to everyone.

Before I end, I would like to leave this SMS message that I have received and which I have also forwarded to all the people who are only phone contact:

I'm going away from your life
I won't be coming to your life anymore
As I am going to die within a few days time
I don't know whether you are happy or sad

Yours loving 2005


Pauline Goh said...

Any reaction u get from your pals?? Happy 2006...

Chan Kok Kuen said...

The SMS really got some of my receivers all worked up. There was one who mentioned that her heart stopped when she got the message. I got a voice mail from my friend in Segamat wo asked "Call me back, what's wrong with you?".

well the catch of the message is to read it till the end when it was :signed off: by 2005!!!